Caterpillar UK

David Bellamy, David Jones, Bob Briggs, Nic Jackson, Dave Sanderson (Caterpillar), Ford and AE Technology discuss the savings and the technology.


Chapter 1


David Bellamy shows us the Caterpillar UK plant


Chapter 2

Conference and plant walk-through

David Bellamy and David Jones discuss the outline


Chapter 3

Loosing heat

David Jones discusses the problem with older methods of heating large buildings


Chapter 4

Cost savnings

David Jones discusses the savings figure at the UK plant


Chapter 5

Remote adjustment and installation

Globe Energy staff and Bob Briggs discuss the system remotely and how Globe Energy

work around the workforce so the plant is unaffected by the installation


Chapter 6

Being responsible and saving money

Bob Briggs discussed a win win for Caterpillar UK


Chapter 7

Adding a modern system to an old building

Ford are very interested in updating older buildings, unaware of the practical installation


Chapter 8

AE Technology interview

An interesting development


Chapter 9

How it all began

David Jones discusses the journey