Multi-Language Film


21st Nov - Version 16

This version has a tonne of changes… first the spell check on that word…

Then the removal of the dirty factory scenes and then i had a dive deep into the archive and use new footage.

Added new screen graphics.

Rather than list everything… see what you think so far.


19th Nov - Version 14

Hi David, this is a the work list, I may have done more, shattered, stopping to help Lucy, kids in bed etc, baby is good now he is eating and looking less cooked.

After the two meetings deadline -

Version 14…

New colour added to all clips

New logos front and back of the film

Top left logo

Bottom right logo with final text

Pull apart the supplied Micorsoft Power Point files

Retouch old photo's to match new film footage, the colour grade them.

Try certain files, some do not have the right quality for a modern large film timeline

Find new files on the internet *** (this is research, I found more than i needed, some just don’t work)

Retouch internet files to match film grade

Pull apart PDF documents from the insurance company ***

Make new floating graphics for the last third of the film

Added the Munich blue logo top right corner after all the PDF and graphics have bee on screen, subtel branding and relationship strength.

Tweak David's voice (it sounds great to others until I use a VO person)

Change the edit to fint with words until new footage can be shot to match VO exactly.

Two days work ***

Any tweaks let me know, and I will adjust.

(other photo's found but not in the film are in the archive, inefficient heating

equipment to use as a bad example, some example files from the Power point docs are too low rez)

VO only

This is version 5 of the VO with all breathing taken out.

Chopped up senteces with the unwanted stuff trimmed and fades added at the front and start of each small clip.

Volume is normlised but not mastered, that comes after music.

I will go over this once more after the highlighted graphics are added and before music.

I have heard everything a few hundred times but always a good idea to check again.

Once the footage is shot, the paragraphs get moved to fit with visuals… that is later.

VO with Text

This is the next version with graphic text appearing in places to hightlight information.

Off to bed, another stage complete. 11:16pm.

Tmrw I will start using archive footage to make a unlinked but visual story for Tuesdays meeting.

Final Version Of Draft 1.

This is the final version of the first draft, made for the Tuesday meeting 6th Nov 2018.

Text has changed from white normal to bold white with black outline and enlarged.

A graphics option is either Ford & GE or as seen at the end which just GE, i can put either at the front and back.

New music, tone, tempo for your voice and relating to context, don’t make me change this right now, it takes hours to find it ha! their is a lot of crap out there.

Mastered voice over to a point, once i get feedback i will see what is what, as is you have it for a meeting.

Archive footage with some unseen footage, all used to link to the context of the voice over as best as possible. For the meeting… great.

Colour graded everything in Resolve (start using the program in July, this is a new timeline from scratch with your sound bed)

Review and email me notes - I also added a text box at the end of the film, let me know what you want put there. I mention the 65% because it is key info and memorable.

The Voiceover gives a lot of scope for focused footage, factory Ford workers and open spaces with and without heaters etc, when possible, adding context footage will be great.

It took eight days including the VO recording day, not bad for a 4min film grading from scratch and sorting VO.

I have also started started on the website page called

This can be the platform to work on the English film, text and some photographs and a download PDF document if you want.

If you email me the latest script version as I only have screen grabs with red text and a basic print out, then i can copy and past text easier on to website pages, i typed it out on the film but it is on many boxes.